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Lose Weight Without Counting Calories!

Many women are trapped in a dieting cycle and feeling ashamed of their bodies. You can have the body confidence you deserve without dieting or counting calories! My programs are made specifically for busy moms who don't have a ton of extra time.


"I lost 21 pounds, I'm sleeping better and my knee pain is better! Everything has fallen into place thanks to Kristen!"

PE Coach & Mom of 3

"No more muffin top! It's gone! I have so much energy. I lost 13 pounds and I feel AWESOME and feel like I'm fueling my family right."

Nurse & Mom of 3

"I REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT! By the end of our sessions, I was UNDER the goal weight that I had set - a number I hadn't seen since high school!"

Mom of 2

7 Secret Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

For the next 7 days, I'll share quick video tips with the biggest blocks women have for not losing weight and how to break through them.

Hi, I'm Kristen!

I'm a 50-year-old mom of 3! I've been on almost every diet out there, but each time I would stop the diet and gain it all back. Through my education as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I teach busy moms just like you what to eat and how to train your mind for weight loss.


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