It's Time To Lose the Weight and Keep it Off 

No more counting calories. No more restrictive starvation diets. 

How many times have you lost and gained weight in your lifetime? If you're like most busy moms, you've lost count. For so many women, the diet roller coaster is an ongoing battle of willpower exercise, calorie counting, starvation, and deprivation.

Sound familiar?

That's because most diets don't blend the most critical weight loss tools: MINDSET and THOUGHT PATTERNS, with the science of nutrition. And it certainly doesn't help that the dieting industry is riddled with weight loss programs that don't set you up to succeed.

They plan on you failing, gaining weight, and then spending more money on their diet programs. It's time to ditch the dieting cycle, stop counting calories, yet still lose weight and feel confident in your own body.

Are you ready to finally lose the weight and keep it off? Here are the four ways you can work with me...

5 Day Sugar Detox

A free online group program where you lose weight instantly while breaking your sugar and processed foods addiction. Clients lose an average of 2-3 pounds in just 5 days!


 Infinity Health 365

My signature weight loss community for lasting weight loss. You get weekly weight loss coaching, 10-minute workouts to follow and a community of busy working moms like you committed to losing weight and keeping it off!


Easy Nutrition for Weight Loss

Want to know what you should eat to lose weight? If you just want to be told what to eat and aren't interested in Infinity Health 365 or Private Weight Loss Coaching, this is for you!

I've used Purium organic whole food products and supplements to stay in the best shape of my life at 50.  Clients lose an average of 11 pounds in 30 days with the 30-day lifestyle transformation while detoxing and gaining increased lean muscle.

This link will take you to Purium's website and will automatically apply a 25% off savings ($109.75 off!) with my code PACERKRISTEN at checkout.


Private Weight Loss Coaching

We work one on one to create a custom weight loss plan that fits your life using easy and practical daily actions for sustainable and permanent weight loss.


7 Secret Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

For the next 7 days, I'll share quick video tips with the biggest blocks women have for losing weight and how to break through them.